NS schools report one infected staffer

Public disclosure comes a week after authorities found out


A North Scott school employee’s positive COVID-19 test nearly two weeks ago poses little threat to other district staff or the community, Superintendent Joe Stutting said Monday.

The diagnosis confirmed to the district, Friday, March 20, was disclosed a week later in a March 27 email from Stutting to parents.

On Monday, Stutting said he first was alerted March 16 by a principal who reported a staff member with symptoms that same day, the first day of spring break. Stutting said he contacted the county health department. The COVID-19 test was administered March 18 and came back positive March 20, he said.

Stutting said health officials told him that was all the district needed to do. “I don’t know what her actual condition is. I don’t know if that person was in a hospital or at home under quarantine,” Stutting told The NSP.

He said county health officials, “said there was nothing for us to do. They said it was a slight risk, a very, very slim risk to anybody else.”

He said the health department did not require the district to alert the public. “We did let our parents know so people can respond accordingly,” he said.

“But since I know how social media works, I thought it important to let people know we had a staff member infected. We weren’t required to, but felt it was necessary.”