An Intern Writes

'I'm excited to share my perspective and tell your stories'


I have always believed our lives are fueled by stories. Stories engage us. We share them, tell them, read them, write them, watch them, and listen to them. They are all around us, and everyone has their own to tell. But most importantly, stories offer us perspective.

My first assignment with The North Scott Press was Sunday at the Long Grove Strawberry Festival. I was sent to take pictures of the event. This was my first time going to the Strawberry Festival, and I had no idea what to expect.

When I arrived, the action was widespread, and I was overwhelmed. I walked up and down the block a few times, unsure of where to begin.

Really, all I had to do was look.

I looked through my camera and suddenly saw everything I hadn’t before. I saw expressions of sheer enjoyment on the faces of kids playing with bubble wands. I saw the smiles of vendors and customers as purchases were made. I saw people enjoying food and conversation. Everyone was doing something all their own.

I now had a lot to work with, and the only thing I had to do was see the action in a different way. I had to see the individual stories people were creating.

I love The North Scott Press because it celebrates these individual stories found within our community. It brings people together. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work here this summer. I hope that my writing will inspire and engage readers. In particular, I hope my writing offers perspective.

My own perspective is definitely inspired by the music I listen to and create. I have always loved being involved in choir and band at school because the music is so compelling for me. I think writing is quite similar to music. Music can tell a story just like writing can. I’m also constantly inspired by the people I’m around. My family and friends offer so many perspectives, and I enjoy soaking it all in.

I know I will learn a lot with my internship this summer. I can tell I will be stepping out of my comfort zone a bit, but I am so excited for it. I hope to see any mistakes I make as positive learning experiences. Most of all, I’m excited to share my perspective with the community.


North Scott High School senior Kendall Deutmeyer joins the North Scott Press this summer as an intern. Kendall is the daughter of Cory and Gretchen Deutmeyer. She is involved in choir, band, National Honor Society, Speech team, Lancer Productions, and golf at school. She can be contacted at