Stop stealing political signs



Sometimes it doesn’t seem like Democrats and Republicans agree on much anymore. But one thing that unites us, and all decent Americans, is our respect for each others’ freedom of speech.

We are the chairs of the Republican and Democratic parties of Muscatine County. We have both had reports of our candidates’ signs, particularly Biden and Trump signs, being destroyed, defaced, and even stolen. Sadly, a few bad apples with a taste for vandalism are trying to spoil the whole bunch.

We are joining together to condemn this reprehensible behavior. We urge everyone to respect each other and their right to freely support the candidates of their choice. Regardless of what happens on Nov. 3, let’s all remember on Nov. 4 that we are still friends and neighbors.

Fred Grunder,

Muscatine County Republican Chair

and Kelcey Brackett,

Muscatine County Democratic Chair