64th Timmerman family reunion held Aug. 8 in New Liberty


The 64th annual Timmerman reunion was held on Aug. 8 at the New Liberty Fire Station. The Julius Timmerman family hosted the reunion.

A potluck dinner was enjoyed by 40 descendants, followed by a social afternoon.

The oldest person was Dolores Timmerman. The oldest descendent was Marlene Fox. The youngest descendant was Brody Timmerman.

There were six births.

Benjamin Cade Walker born July 4, 2019, son of Torey Timmerman and Nick Walker, grandson of Karl and Shelly Timmerman.

Bode Jerome Timmerman born Nov. 10, 2019, son of Kyle and Michelle Timmerman, grandson of Kraig and Jeanne Timmerman.

Laikyn Nicole Timmerman born Sept. 9, 2020, daughter of Nathan and Nikki Timmerman, granddaughter of Kevin Timmerman.

Braxton Earl and Sawyer Lynn Denkman born on March 16, 2021; sons of Todd and Marissa Denkman, grandsons of Brian and Denise Timmerman.

Brody Dean Timmerman born May 26, 2021, son of Christopher and Payton Timmerman, grandson of Brian and Denise Timmerman.

There were three weddings: Jana Timmerman to Tyler Morrissey on Aug. 24, 2019, daughter of Kevin Timmerman; Benjamin Caes and Kiana Mousavi on May 15, 2021, son of John and Jane Caes; Erin Fisher and Blake Neebel on June 26, 2021, daughter of Dale and Julianne Fisher.

Towns represented in Iowa were Bennett, New Liberty, Dixon, Tipton, Wilton, Maysville, Maquoketa, Massillon, Cedar Rapids, Bettendorf and Lowden.

The 2022 reunion will be hosted by the Charles and Zelma Goethals family on Aug. 14, 2022.