Wilton FFA offering address painting on curbs


The Wilton FFA is doing a community safety project, which includes painting house address numbers on curbs and/or steps. Wilton FFA will be painting house numbers on the curbs and front steps of houses in Wilton and surrounding communities. Currently less than half the houses in Wilton have a visible house number on them, according to Wilton FFA Adviser Gary Bruns, and the houses that do have numbers are placed in numerous locations. Also, in some locations the house numbers jump around, making it confusing to find a specific address. This makes it hard for local EMTs, ambulances, law enforcement and fire departments to find houses in emergencies, as well as delivery drivers. To help alleviate the confusion, the Wilton FFA will paint a number on the curb in front of houses, or on the front step for a price of $10. They will paint it in both spots for $15. The paint will be a durable concrete paint with reflective characteristics. A third option, if the owner does not want a step painted, includes painting numbers on the driveway. The FFA recommends the curb for consistency, but also realizes in the winter the curb could be covered with snow, while most driveways and steps are cleared. Those interested in having an address painted may contact Wilton High School, a Wilton FFA member, or stop by City Hall for an order form that can be dropped back off at the high school by Sept. 30. An example of what the painted address numbers look like can be seen. A group of Wilton FFA members are pictured with an example. Contributed photos