Wilton 4-year old preschooler tests positive for COVID-19


New Advocate News employee Amber Ganzer posted the following to Facebook Nov. 12:

This sweet girl is our Harper-Grace Lynn (pictured). She is 4 years old. Today our sweet girl tested positive for COVID-19.

Let me say that again … Our 4-year old daughter tested POSITIVE for COVID-19!

We live in a small community. A small community that has became an absolute hot bed of community spread.

I will say that on Monday when we initially took her to the doctor, I was nervous and I ultimately had it in the back of my mind that it was a possibility. But she was initially treated for croup. She has only had one symptom, a cough. A dry cough that both the doctor and I strongly believed was nothing more than croup. She has had it before and it was common in our household, so I wasn’t worried. I kept her home from school on Monday and she has been out all week.

I pushed for a test. The doctor did not think it was necessary, as she did not present with enough symptoms and he really didn’t think that it was anything more than a cough. I am glad I trusted my gut and pushed for the test. I ultimately wanted to just be safe and sure. But I didn’t think it would positive.

As far as Jason and myself, along with our other two daughters, we are all doing well — no one else is experiencing any symptoms. We all feel good and are doing fine. Honestly, so is Harper. It’s been kind of bizarre and surreal going through the emotions of the moment we got the results, to pulling my other daughters out of school, to going home and explaining what this means for our family and loved ones.

Today I picked up my 12-year old from school and watched as she got in the car and broke down in tears filled with emotions from being scared and worried about herself and her sister to her grandparents. It was heartbreaking!

She was so sad she was unable to tell her teachers and friends goodbye and she wasn’t prepared.

None of us were prepared. How do you prepare for something like this?

Our oldest daughter was supposed to be playing softball this weekend. We made the choice early in the week to pull her from the tournament to keep her safe as things were rapidly progressing in our town and state. I am so thankful that we made that choice even though it was not easy.

I watched as she became upset and mad thinking about what she was going to be missing over the next few weeks. She was excited for her basketball season and things were going well for her.

Jason will now be home along with myself as we navigate the days ahead in quarantine.

I remember recently saying, “It’s not if, it’s when.” Well our when is now! I am saddened by this development, but I am also positive in knowing that we currently are ALL doing OK. We are safe at home and not really experiencing any hardships. We will get through this and come out on the other side.

I was told today that Harper is currently the youngest positive case in our school district. That’s not something to feel special about. It literally breaks my heart.

Why her? Why us?

This virus does what it wants and infects whom it chooses. Some have mild symptoms, some have major, some are walking around with no symptoms.

The time is NOW to really band together and protect yourself, your loved ones and the people around you.

We ALL need to make a conscious effort to be smart, wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands and make good choices. This virus is not going away and we have got to find a way to slow or stop the rapid spread that is going through our community.

I am not looking for sympathy, as I said we are fine.

But many are not OK. Our teachers, our healthcare workers, so many essential employees are tired and burnt out.

They need our help and support. Many of them have families of their own that they are also trying to protect and keep safe. We all need to do our part.

To those that have already reached out to myself or the girls, thank you! It means so much to know that we have such a great support system.

These next two weeks will definitely be interesting, but I believe we will be just fine and we will stay positive and all come out stronger and together on the other side.

Tonight I will choose to hug my girls a little tighter and watch them sleep peacefully and take peace in knowing it could be so much worse, and tomorrow is a new day and we will wake up and make it memorable together.

Much love and positivity from the Ganzers.

— Amber Ganzer, Wilton