Cedar County open burning procedures


As the weather is growing warmer and residents are spending more time outside, Cedar County Emergency Management is reminding all county residents of their responsibilities set by The Cedar County Burn Ordinance.

The Cedar County Burn Ordinance was established to promote the better use of fire equipment and local fire department volunteers’ time by requiring persons to give prior notice of the intent to burn prairies, pastures, field, yards, road ditches, building destruction debris and/or large brush fires. If planning an open burn, first notify a dispatcher on duty at the Cedar County Law Center with the following information:

* Name of the person responsible for the burn

* The telephone/cellphone number of the responsible party

* The specific location of the burn

* Date and time that the open burn will be held.

Please remember that an adult person must remain near the burn to attend it until the fire is extinguished. To notify dispatch, please contact the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office at 563-886-2121, extension 4.

Additionally, residents are reminded to monitor the weather conditions prior to the open burn, and to refrain from burning on windy days or during times of excessive dry conditions within the county or during declared burn bans.