Long Grove City Council

Long Grove council seeks resident input April 20


Long Grove residents may weigh in April 20 on the council’s long term projects to improve parts of First, Grove and Main streets, upgrade water and sewer treatment and upgrade the electric service.

Read all about it: A link to copies of Long Grove's Capital Improvement plans and options.

Residents can join council members 6 p.m. April 20 at the lower-level city hall conference room, or online, through a link on city’s website, longroveia.org.

Project for discussion include:

Major street improvements: Grove Street (1st St. – Creek); 1st Street (E. Grove St. – W. Grove Street); Grove Street (School to 1st Street); Main Street (Cadda – Railroad Alley); 2nd Street (Grove Street – Main Street); S. 3rd Street; 2nd Street, and West Oak Street;

Maintenance improvements: Seal-coating roadways, and PCC patching.

Water improvements: Water Treatment Plant and watermains;

Wastewater improvements – CIPP Lining and point repair, sanitary sewer force-mains, and sanitary lagoon modification;

Electric improvements – electric wires underground and lighting

Connectivity – trails and sidewalks

“These improvements would occur in different phases over several fiscal years and be funded through city reserves, bonds, grants, and loans. The water improvements would require a rate increase, spread out over three years. Long Grove has not had a water rate increase since July 2013,” according to a statement from the council.

The council reviewed Capital Improvement proposals during an April 8 committee-of-the-whole session on April 8. A draft of proposals will be posted to the city web site.

The Capital Improvement Plan would only be finalized after the public forum. The earliest date for a formal vote would be the May 11 city council meeting.

Those with questions may call city hall at 563-285-4904 or email at clerk@longgroveia.org.