2022 election results

GOP sweep leaves Scott County more red

Voters knock Democrats off county board; Recorder Vargas is only Democrat county winner


Republican voters dominated most Scott County and Iowa races, returning Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Charles Grassley to office, creating an all-GOP Scott County board, and sweeping the nation's longest serving attorney general,Tom Miller, from office.

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks reelection victory gives Republicans control of every Iowa congressional seat.

Former GOP state representative Ross Pautian was the top vote-getter among Scott County supervisors. He joins reelected supervisor John Maxwell, and newly elected Republican supervisors Jean Dickson to a board with no Democrats.

Republican supervisor Tony Knobbe won the county treasurer post with no opposition. His seat on the  board of supervisors will be filled by a nominee selected by the county's Republican auditor and treasurer, and Democratic recorder, virtually assuring a full GOP county board.

Democrat supervisor Brinson Kinzer lost his reelection bid, pollling second to last among six candidates.

County recorder Rita Vargas, and state auditor Rob Sands are the only Democrats who prevailed among Scott County voters.

Voters elected Republicans Kerry Gruenhagen,  of Walcott to state senate district 45; and reelected Sen. Chris Cournoyer to senate district 41, which covers Scott, Clinton and Jackson counties.

Republican majorities elected new state represenatitves Mike Vondran, 

Here are links to complete Scott County and statewide results.

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