Top farm land sales of 2020

Genesis robotics buys 39 acres near Eldridge; LeClaire couple gathers 113 acres near Park View


Genesis Systems’ $1.47 million purchase of 37 acres just east of its Harrison Street plant near the Davenport airport is among the largest farmland purchases recorded in rural Scott County this year.

Sales figures compiled by the county assessor also show a LeClaire couple bought 113 acres of farmed land straddling Scott Park Road, just north of Park View.

The annual report posted to the county’s website details 47 transactions involving 2,267.3 acres valued at $21,590,799. In 2019, the county recorded 47 transactions involving 3,600 acres of farmland totaling $25 million.

Bettendorf recorded 10 transactions involving 167 acres, selling for $5,923,560.

The county totals do not include Davenport farm land sales, which are compiled by that city’s assessor.

Most of the county transactions involved family members. Here are the largest transactions in the county that did not solely involve family members.

Sheridan Township

Sales totaled $5,974,965 for 388 acres.

Genesis Systems Group LLC in Davenport on Jan. 28 bought 36.86 acres at Harrison and 210th Street, just east of the airport, for $1,474,400, or about $40,000 per acre. The robotics engineering firm purchased the property from LNL LLC, who bought it from Karen Odean in 2017 for $1,114,004.

Genesis operates a 99,000-square-foot office and manufacturing plant across the street at 9800 Harrison St., on 15.5 acres it bought in 2001, according to assessment records.

Epping Farms LLC sold two parcels totaling 39.97 acres for $510,000 to Grandview Farms LLC on June 22, which traded it the next day to Paul A. Schwarz. The two farmed parcels are just east of U.S. 61 at 250th St., just north of Eldridge.

Schwarz deeded Grandview 38.89 acres, about a mile west in Hickory Grove Township.

On Sept. 30, Grandview Land LLC purchased 38.7 acres from Lois Mae Land Co. LLC for $1,654,000.

Lois Mae Land Co. bought it July 13 for $706,312, from the Mary J. Boeh Revocable Trust.

The property is adjacent to Grandview farmed fields and livestock production.

Cleona Township

The township recorded $5,792,500 in sales of 675 acres.

On July 1, LNL LLC purchased 155 acres from the Hugo Family Trust for $2,081,000.

On March 5, LNL LLC bought 103.01 acres from the Vern Ann Baxter Family Trust for $1,151,500.

LNL LLC is registered as a family farm limited liability company by David H. Meier, and owns farmland elsewhere in the county.

Butler Township

Six transactions totaled $2,648,115 for 365 acres.

On Oct. 16, Matthew and Emily Winslow, of 21783 279th Ave., LeClaire, purchased five parcels totaling 113.2 acres for $990,000 from the Co-owned Land Account LLC, a firm organized by Petra L. Westphal of Long Grove in 2016. The LLC acquired the parcels through 2018. All are zoned for residential development.

The parcels are on both sides of Scott Park Road, just north of the new Valley View Farms addition near Park View.

Blue Grass Township

Records show three transactions totaling $1,125,031 for 98 acres.

The Joe A. Golinghorst Revocable Trust purchased two parcels totaling 79.5 acres near 175th Street and 70th Avenue from the Patricia J. and Wilbur L. Moeller revocable trust for $870,000.


Developer Rob Fick's Eldridge Commercial Developers on Oct. 20 sold 2.09 acres to CC15 LLC, operating as Callahan Construction, for $295,000. The property on Eldridge’s North Fourth Avenue is being developed by Callahan as an expansion of its Grand Haven Retirement Community.