Davenport violence prompts countywide curfew 9 p.m. - 5 a.m.

Two dead in six hours of violence


All of Scott County is under a curfew from 9 p.m. through 5 a.m. when all residents are asked to stay home, except those working, government officials and credentialed journalists.

Scott County Board Chairman Tony Knobbe announced the curfew at a press conference in Davenport Monday morning, called by Mayor Michael Matson following two fatal shootings during six hours of coordinated violence on Davenport’s northside.

Police from Blue Grass, Walcott, Eldridge and Clinton assisted Davenport as more than a hundred police officers swarmed Davenport responding to a succession of vandalism and gunfire complaints.

Five Eldridge officers responded to Davenport's calls for assistance.

Police confirmed a young woman shot and killed around midnight near the West Kimberly Walmart, and at least one other gun shot fatality elsewhere.

One Davenport police officer was struck by gunfire near 1100 W. 15th St., Davenport, where Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski said three officers in a squad were “ambushed.”

Sikorski said Monday morning the violence, “did seem somewhat loosely organized.” Scanner calls disclosed one suspect alerted police to social media directions that vandals were following.

Here is Davenport Mayor Matson's statement about Sunday night's inncidents:

"DAVENPORT, IOWA (June 1, 2020) – Last night, at approximately 10 p.m., a large disturbance of approximately 100 vehicles formed at the NorthPark Mall. This group caused damage and harm to businesses located in the mall and then continued to move to multiple business locations throughout the City.

What you need to know first and foremost is this: I want to deeply thank the outstanding work by the Davenport Police Department, first responders and our partner law enforcement agencies. They worked tirelessly to keep our citizens safe. These men and women are some of the finest public servants I know, and they are dedicated to the safety of our community.

Damage and bodily harm do not promote justice. Instead, rioters and looters create division within our community. Their blatant disregard for safety does not reflect the character of our community. Let it be knows that they perpetrators from last night’s activities will be held accountable.

Last night, officers responded to over 45 serious disturbance calls and 20 shots fired calls. There were four shooting victims, two of which were fatalities and two were non-fatal, including one officer when our police came under attack. Officers returned fire and we have enlisted DCI to review this incident. In addition, the Davenport Fire Department responded to and is investigating three suspicious fires that occurred overnight. The behavior on display last night was completely unacceptable in our community and the instigators of this behavior will be met with the full force of the law.

We will continue to stage a coordinated response tonight through the Emergency Operation Center at the Scott Emergency Communication Center. In addition, for the proactive protection of all our citizens, Scott County will be enacting a county wide curfew at 9 p.m. tonight. Supervisor Knobbe will be speaking momentarily about this curfew.

As the citizens of Davenport woke up this morning to the news of the destruction that occurred overnight, it is appropriate to grieve what our community has been put through. It is okay to be angry, it is okay to be scared, but let us not grow weary of doing what is right. We have received several messages this morning encouraging our officers and thanking them for their service.

There are several things that our citizens can do tonight to help keep our community safe. Please be vigilant tonight and report any suspicious activity you may see in your neighborhood. Keep your house locked, your windows locked, your cars locked and your guns locked away. Please keep all exterior lights on throughout the night the illuminate our neighborhoods. If you see something, say something. We received valuable information from citizens last night that allowed our officers to more effectively shut down this rash of violence.

I’ll end with this: our community, like so many others across the country is at a crossroads. We must rise to the occasion for the safety of all and address the social strife we are experiencing with peace, civility and decorum. We are Davenporters. We are ready to work for progress."