Area 2021 city-school election results

Scott Spengler retains Durant mayoral seat; Keith Stanley elected Wilton mayor


There will be a mix of fresh faces and incumbents taking on different roles within the city of Wilton and Durant as a result of the 2021 city-school election held Nov. 2.

What follows are unofficial results from area both Cedar and Muscatine county races:

Durant results

Durant Mayor Scott Spengler had a challenger as he ran for re-election in 2021. Spengler won the election 241-180 in Cedar County, and 23-9 in Muscatine County.

There were three council seats up for election in Durant, and two will be filled again with incumbents. Tom Daufeldt, one of three other challengers on the ballot, won the other. Daufeldt received 311 votes, Dan Sterner received 311 and Diane Quiram received 286. Those three earned council seats. Other challengers included Mendim Alimoski (138 votes), Kenneth Elshoff (131 votes) and Jason Mier (74 votes). *Vote totals include Cedar and Muscatine counties.

There were two open seats on the Durant school board, and the two incumbents — Julie Rivera and Katy Oberlander — were the only names on the ballot. Oberlander received 428 votes and Rivera received 403.

The public school measure question on the ballot passed 341-85 (Cedar County results).

Wilton races

Mayor Bob Barrett chose to not re-run for election. Council member and mayor pro tem Keith Stanley ran for the mayoral seat unopposed, and received 181 Muscatine County votes. There were 15 write-in votes.

There were two open city council seats. Incumbent Steve Owens won re-election with 181 votes, and Allen (Bill) Voss will be joining him on council with 116 votes. Other challenger Michael Rohwer received 68 votes.

Only the incumbents ran for two open Wilton school board seats. Current board vice president Tara Oien received 215 votes while fellow member Rob Metzger received 194 votes (Cedar and Muscatine counties combined).

Area races

In the city of Bennett, Joe Sparks ran unopposed for mayor, earning 51 votes. There were four write-ins.

There were three open Bennett city council seats, won by William Kreinbring (42 votes), Joann Schneekloth (42 votes) and Christina Eicher (36 votes). Other challenger Chad Giebelstein received 31 votes.

With three open Bennett school board seats, winners were Gregory Reynolds (56 votes), Denise Mcghee (40 votes) and Spencer Hicks (39 votes). Other challengers were Chris Eicher (33 votes) and Teresa Bjurstrom (27 votes).

In Atalissa, Angie Dickey ran unopposed for mayor, and received 45 of 48 Muscatine County votes.

Karen Rock and Scott Skubal ran unopposed for two Atalissa council seats. Rock got 39 votes while Skubal had 29. There were 13 write-ins.

In Stockton, Jonathan Davis ran unopposed for mayor, receiving 38 of 44 votes. Karri Rutenbeck (42 votes) and Cynthia Pedersen (37 votes) won seats on city council, running unopposed for two seats