Lancer seniors recognized by generous community


North Scott's Class of 2018 was rewarded for its hard work in the classroom on Wednesday, May 9, when the North Scott Educational Foundation (NSEF) and other generous community donors handed out college scholarships.

The 37th annual North Scott Honors Assembly took place in the Fine Arts Auditorium, where prior to the scholarship presentation ceremony, Lancer sophomores, juniors and seniors were recognized for their academic achievement, having earned GPAs of 3.5-3.749 (second honors); 3.75-3.99 (first honors); and 4.0 (excellence). Those photos will be published in an upcoming issue of The NSP.

The evening’s guest speaker, through a message recorded from his dressing room on Broadway, was 1995 graduate and 2018 Hall of Excellence recipient Curt Bouril.

In her opening statement, NSEF President Diana Vollbeer announced two new scholarships, including the $4,000 Robert and Dorothy Lage Memorial Scholarship and the $500 Francis Nass Memorial Scholarship.

While seniors were rewarded for years of hard work, the NSEF was the driving force, as it handed out 79 scholarships for a total of $103,550. In addition, since its inception 32 years ago, the foundation has now given away 961 scholarships totalling more than $1,446,000.

NSEF board members are: Diana Vollbeer (president), Randy Siemsen (vice president), Deb Shannon (secretary), Jim Tank (treasurer), Scott Campbell (scholarship chairman), Susan Blaskovich, Carmen Darland, Kathy Kilen, Barry Lahann, Tracy Lindaman, Chris Porter, Clarence (Butch) Richlen and Dr. Donald Sierk.

Additionally, seniors benefitted from awards given by 26 other organizations and individuals in the community. Colleges and universities also added to the students' bottom line, doling out thousands of dollars to cover or partially cover tuition costs for the graduating seniors.

NSP photos by Scott Campbell.

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